Is the Risk Worth the Reward? – One Gypsy’s Thoughts on Adventure Travel

For risk-loving adventure travelers, losing one of our own is a sobering and somber experience that encourages us to reevaluate our personal risk-reward ratios. But in the end, not doing everything that one can do to live a rewarding life is truly the biggest risk. Donate to the #nepalearthquake relief efforts!

Breaking News: Pocket Gypsy Roams Oaxaca, Disguised as Zapotec Woman [OAX: Part 1]

Want a perfect vacation? Try two weeks in Oaxaca, a beautiful Mexican state with tons of stately architecture, sweeping nature, kind people, and unbelievable weather. Here’s a quick and dirty overview of a few points of interest, including overall costs, accommodations, food, and language tips.

The Problem with Flying (a.k.a. Adventures Getting To / Out Of Oaxaca)

You might say that “life’s a journey, not a destination,” but it sure feels like some journeys are working overtime to make me appreciate that by jeopardizing my life in some very sketchy ways. Here’s an all-too-detailed account of stress, fear, and ultimately triumph over near-death (or so I think).

Why Experiences Make the Best Presents

Christmas might as well be the official holiday of capitalist consumption. If you want to give a monetarily-significant present but are making conscious steps towards reducing our carbon footprint, consider a gift of experiences instead!

The Battle of Analog v. Virtual Reality

Ironically, this is a post about analog versus virtual reality, rooting for the former while typing into the latter.

The Art of Visiting Somewhere New Again

“You can never step in the same river twice” is my repeat city motto. Example: at first, Paris was my least-favorite big city, but on return trips, it’s definitely warming up to me. Moral: don’t cross a city off your list forever just because you’ve visited before. Show repeat cities some love, and they’ll love you right back!

Why I Love the World Cup (And No, It Has Nothing to Do With Politics)

The World Cup is here! And I couldn’t be more excited, weirdly enough. (#vamosespaña!)

10 Types of People You Meet While Traveling: Pocket Gypsy Edition

Writer’s Block Exercise #10979414: Ten random people you might meet while traveling around the world. Please take the following characterizations with a grain of salt (and a whole heaping of humble pie, if you realize you might be one of them!).

Pocket Gypsy Digest [Volume 2]

Home-bound exercises to keep the traveling feet restless: “An Idiot Abroad,” Pinterest travel boards, The Great Language Game, Duolingo, and JetPunk’s Countries of the World Quiz.

Welcome to the Photo Pages! First up, America.

Hello reader! After many requests to put my photos in one consolidated space, rather than scattered throughout these blog posts, I finally relented. Sort of. Rather than put all of my 20,000 photos onto the… Continue reading

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