“Going Off the Beaten Track:” How “Adventurers” Are Destroying Their Environments

Sustainable travel isn’t just for hippies – it’s for everyone who wants the world (and that includes our pocket of it) to remain beautiful for the coming generations. But ensuring sustainability isn’t precisely as cut and dry as one might think.

This Week on Survivor: Bay Area – The Housing Challenge!

The housing search in the Bay Area is nearly brutal enough to make me pack my bags and start traveling again.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

A retrospect on being “prepared,” and what that even means. Is it possible to ever really feel prepared? Is being “underprepared” a human condition? It’s a year since I left for India, and I’m still not sure what’s going on in my life.

Goals and Resolutions ’14

2014 is going to be a big year. So this time, I’m doing my resolutions a bit differently.

Pocket Gypsy Digest [Volume 1]

Pocket Gypsy Digest [Volume 1]: San Jose-based satire and things to consider when studying/going abroad; leisure travel and criticism of hipsters; some helpful advice from PostSecret.

On The Financial Consequences of a Year Around The World

After the fall hiatus, I’m back with my regularly scheduled programming. This episode features my Voyage and finances, a decidedly-unsexy but absolutely necessary topic of discussion for anyone attempting to stretch a shoestring budget over a year of travel.

The Risk and Reward of Traveling with Valuables

Thinking of bringing your laptop or DSLR on the road with you? It might not be a bad idea. Make sure to follow these tips, and hopefully you’ll come home with nothing lost or stolen!

On “Authenticity”

“Going off the beaten path” doesn’t make you a better traveler – recognizing the importance and cultural significance of every moment does. Don’t let “authenticity” be your guide around the world; limiting your trip in any way will hinder your ability to experience a country’s “reality.”

Behind the Scenes of “Pocket Gypsy” (The Feature Film)

Disclaimer: Don’t quit your day job on account of this blog. Or do. But not because the grass is greener, but because your lawn is dead.

Citizens of the World: Please Stop Hating Everyone

A Pocket Gypsy special: some thoughts on the Syrian civil war and the philosophy of pacifism and political harmony. It might be hard to achieve, but if we never start working towards it, we’re never going to get it.

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