Networking: Not Just A Career Buzzword, But A Travel Necessity Too

It’s time we rethink networking. Instead of travel skills supporting workplace necessities, net[work]ing is a workplace skill that one quickly learns is absolutely a travel necessity. (Too bad net[travel]ing doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)

Thoughts On Birthdays

I’m 23 now. What’s the adventure this year?

From Tisno to San Francisco: The Final Week of the Voyage

The final week of my trip (July 18 – 25, 2013) was a little bit of everything: beach-front music festivals, jaw-droppingly beautiful national parks, disgusting hostel-mates, unexpectedly friendly hitchhikers, and frustrating acts of begrudging adulthood. It was a fitting end to a year of surprises.

[sub]Motion and the Importance of #goingwiththeflow [?]

“Not all those who wander are lost:” some lessons of travel from someone who’s been around the world and back.

Between the Valley and the Mountains (of the Albayzín)

Life is but a balancing act, as reflected upon in moments in stability.

The Voyage in Recap: Reliving the Last Nine Months

The last nine months have unfolded like a theatrical drama, full of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns. It’s been an amazing ride, and it’s not over yet. Here’s a look back over this incredible Voyage, from August 26, 2012 to the present.

On Life on a Tropical Island After Losing Your ATM Card

Some of the seriously important life lessons I learnt while financially stranded on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Thoughts on Documenting Your Travels (i.e. How To Not Be Like Me)

Amongst the many things I’ve learnt on this trip, one of the most surprising is that I am terrible at blogging. Here are some ways I would have kept track of my crazy journey better; some might come in handy for you as well!

Protected: On [ ]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Where Am I?

A list of where I’ve been, a few photos, and a promise for the future!

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