Faring the Global Recession: Internships

Why should you get an internship abroad, particularly in this economic malaise? Because you are a unique snowflake, and you should take advantage of how slow the market is, sharpen your skills, and jump back into the game without missing a beat! (Published on Go Overseas.)

The Underlying Current: RTW Anxieties

Even the bravest of gypsies are sometimes scared by how big the world is, particularly in comparison to how small they are. Travel will inevitably make you confront many personal issues you’d rather ignore. In case you’re thinking it’s all daisies, it’s not – but seriously, it’s all going to be OK.

To All of the Nine-to-Fivers

I’m not saying “quit your job.” But hey, some of you really should quit your job. Find something you love and do that instead; and if that doesn’t work out, take a nice, long vacation and figure out what you really should spend your time doing.

Roving Robots: Why Sometimes You Need to Put the Camera Down

Are you an artist? Or a historian? Do you experience separation anxiety when you’re left five minutes without your camera? This is called an intervention: photography is awesome, no doubt, but so is life outside of the 3×3 grid.

When One Door Closes

The inaugural post on the new Pocket Gypsy! It’s all about change and beginnings and endings and the philosophy of travel and how photography reflects certain eras of our lives. Just check it out; it’s a pretty sweet post (if I do say so myself).

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