A Rainbow Autumn in Tübingen, Germany

I missed my train to Prague yesterday, on account of a lethal combination of stupidity and exhaustion. After two months of traveling, something was bound to go wrong, I guess. Luckily, that meant I got to spend more time in the beautiful southern German city of Tübingen, where my friend Cody is completing his masters in neurocomputional science (or something like that).

Cody himself is currently studying for the GRE, so after a whirlwind weekend featuring a lavish Imperial Indian Banquet, I have been spending a majority of my time with his friends, who have become good friends of mine as well! With my back and my ankle as injured as they are, as well as my creeping resistance to physically traveling from place to place, it’s a perfect place to rest my weary head with some fun, friendly, interesting, and super accommodating people.

What’s more is that Tübingen is absolutely gorgeous at this time of year – the autumnal colors have saturated the town with their vivid liveliness, making the dramatic weather change completely bearable. (For real: last weekend, we went for a nature walk in the nearby fields wearing just T-shirts and shorts. This weekend, it’s predicted to snow.) But enough of me explaining it; it’s too visceral to describe anyway. In a true show of a picture being a thousand words, here’s a million of the most beautiful words depicting the peak of autumn’s beauty.

Real posts and more stories to come (I hope)!