Site Under Construction

In contrast to my more personal, but still public, blog Inside Pocket Gypsy, I think of this blog as the professional face of my journey. The face that legitimizes my year away from “finding a real job” under the clever ruse of “finding myself” – and then marketing myself like the commodity that I am. I think of this as a resting place for all things travel-related, and I envision myself (though can I really envision myself if I haven’t found myself first? Woah, that’s like, deep, man) as the primary font of information… on anything. Yes. You heard me. I have big dreams.

But then I realized that I don’t know how to design a website. And this seems to be a fairly serious impediment to my Oprah-like aspirations. So rather than posting some resource on “How To Use Your Youthful Features to Get Cheap Tickets” or “Why You Should Never Walk Home Alone At 5 AM  From A Club After Having Been Roofied and Mistaken for a Prostitute” – subjects I am an obvious authority on – I’ve decided to admit to you, my numbered fans, that I actually don’t know everything. And.. I guess that’s fine. Because if I did, I wouldn’t  be undertaking this voyage in the first place.

So here are my current impediments regarding the creation of the website. The reason I post this is because I am in desperate need of someone(s) to walk me through the website-creation process, and I have a beautiful but extremely complicated vision of how I want it to look and function. But, much like my experience in men, I seem to never follow through. (And it’s never as awesome as I think it’ll be either.) I’ve been granted access to the impressive, so I will be attempting to cobble something together on my own, but I’ve been doing my fair share of pestering every web developer I know to impart some wisdom upon me.

Aside: I liken the process to learning Telugu, the language my parents speak at home. I can read and understand enough to get by, but the more complicated stuff passes me by. I do not speak the lingo. I once was very interesting in learning more, but let it lull and only now am seeing a practical necessity. If other people help me out, I might never learn, but right now I just need to get my message across! (Sounds very familiar, right?) Really, the only difference is that I’m not going to use my website to recite ancient Indian mythology. 


  1. Domain names, web hosting, content management?! These words fly around with limited comprehension on my behalf. I understand the rudimentary notion of what each does, but I have no idea how to go about acquiring each one and how much each might cost. Then once I get them, how do I connect them and use their bureaucratic innards to make my vision a reality? Ugh. #firstworldproblems
  2. Graphic designing is a bitch. I thought I knew how to use Photoshop, then I realized I recently have used Photoshop solely to edit my photos. And I don’t even use Photoshop anymore – I use Lightroom! (Or I will again, once I reinstall it on Thursday.) What a fool I am! The primary objective of Photoshop is to manipulate photos, not touch up existing ones! While I once was quite good at Photoshopping people’s faces onto other people’s bodies, it seems the level of sophistication I picture for my website is ironically not something I can manage on my own. Maybe I should learn Illustrator… or re-learn Photoshop.
  3. Flash that Java CSS, jQuery! That sentence probably makes as much sense to you as those individual words do to me. omg i dont even like get it.
  4.  Who am I!? If this is going to be my traveling profile for a year, I probably should have my resume and other contact information, as well as a small bio and my Flickr RSS feed, connected. Which means I have to update my resume (to “graduate of UC Berkeley,” what what), write shamelessly self-promoting content, breathe new life into my Flickr, and continuously post fresh, new content to this blog. Sigh. You know, it might seem effortless, but I do put a lot of time into presenting and reflecting upon myself, such that I’m in a constant cycle of improvement. Unfortunately my resume isn’t synced with my Sense of Self™.
  5. What else do you want from me?! I have to still decide what content specifically I want hosted on the site, which means from the content pile that makes it past the elimination rounds of nonsense that marks much of my life, I have to design the graphic presentation and the utility of each frame within the overarching website. Do I want a Flash cartoon-y passport that serves as a clever resume? Do I want an interactive timetable that allows guests to see my itinerary? Do I want links to my blog, Flickr, About Me, Mission Statement, and resources/ helpful people? Yes! I want all of these things! And I want more! “What else do you want from me?!” isn’t what I’ll be crying – it’ll be what all of my talented, amazing (very busy and successful but still kind and generous) web developer friends will be saying as I encourage them to bite the bullet and just pull a few more all-nighters to get my personal website completed before graduation (my ideal launch date).

I’ve so far created a multilayered soon-to-be interactive map (see photo at top of post) that will track my country-to-country migration as well as sync with WordPress to grab all content tagged in a particular country, and I’ve described my notion of expandable maps, geotagging, time-sensitive embedded clocks, Lightbox fadeaways, and infinite horizontal scrolling. But right now, most of this is still in the planning phase. As I’ve described above in detail, I have a lot of work to do and a lot of people to convince to do it.

If you are interested in this ambitious and rewarding project, please apply by sending me a sample of your work (links will suffice), a short one- or two-sentence description of what you can offer, and a picture of your smiling face (so you can remember what it looked like later) at or on Facebook. I hope to hear from you soon!